Step 1: Imagine the Change

As with any project, it all begins in your mind.  Dream about the final results you would like to achieve. 

Download our Portfolio and look through the many examples of our work on  Do you see something that looks similar to what you would like?  Make note of things you like for when you contact us.  Saving the images to be emailed or printed helps a great deal.

Are you looking to match your new pieces with already existing work?  Pictures of these pieces will help tremendously.

Unable to find what you are looking for?  Not a problem.  You may need custom design assistance, which we can provide for you. 

Step 2: Contact Us

From owner Mitch Henige:

"Once contacted, I will personally discuss your project with you and get a clear picture of your needs.  We will discuss the layout in mind or ideas if HCW will be designing the space. 

The style of cabinetry will be addressed in this initial communication as well.  If you have pictures of completed projects, pieces you like, or current pieces in your home you would like to match, I will ask you to send them to me so we can be fully on the same page and working toward a finished product you will love.

We will also discuss budget and feasibility, getting you the beautiful home you will enjoy for years to come at a cost you can afford."

Step 3: Samples and Final Plans

Upon coming to an agreement, a sample finished door in the style you have chosen will be provided for your approval.  This will be your chance to make a final decision regarding style, color, and finish.  Once a direction has been confirmed, final plans will be completed, a parts list for the shop drawn up, and the manufacturing process will begin.

Step 4: Construction

Doors, drawer fronts, moldings, and any specialty parts are fabricated and moved to the finishing shop for completion.  Drawer boxes and cabinet boxes are constructed.

Step 5: Assembly and Shipping

Lastly, your beautiful cabinets are fully assembled and prepared for shipping directly to your door.